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How do you plan to use the system?


I’d like to get paid posting pins.

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I’d like to promote my product or brand on Pinterest.

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Influencer, or Advertiser?

You’re an Influencer if you want to…

  • Get paid to post pins you're interested in
  • Pin about the latest products
  • Be an ambassador for brands you like

You’re an Advertiser if you want to…

  • Spread your message across Pinterest
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Increase your conversion rate

Connect With Pinterest Followers

  • Pin advertisements to active Pinterest users' boards
  • Drive traffic to your website and increase sales
  • Monetize your business and engage millions of Pinterest users
  • Measure engagement, results, and ROI for each PinAd

Get Paid to Pin

  • Automatically connect with Advertisers and pin their messages to your board
  • Customize settings so ads are in line with your content, ethics and personal style
  • Control which categories and boards to get PinAds for
  • Pin only the things you and your followers like

Manage Pinterest Content

  • Post pins and boards to Pinterest
  • Schedule pins to save time and get optimal visibility
  • Predetermine the URL of pins uploaded directly from your computer
  • Drive engagement, increase followers and show off your personality on Pinterest

Run Contests

  • Create contests to gain new followers and engage existing ones
  • Drive user-generated content
  • Reward loyal followers with daily, weekly, or grand prizes
  • Accurately measure engagement and results for each contest

Get Analytics

  • Measure your influence on Pinterest with both raw data and insights
  • Track engagement on individual pins, boards, or profiles as a whole
  • See which content is most popular with your followers
  • Export data to create reports and make benchmarks