Why should I use Pinterest for my brand?

It’s no secret that Pinterest is becoming one of the most powerful social networking sites of today. The bottom line is that most of us exist in a high-speed world in which we are bombarded with messages every day. If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, why not make use of a captive audience that’s already looking for these pictures? Pinterest is a way to ensure that consumers are receiving your brand’s messages and personality, seeing your products, and even spreading them to their friends.

What is PinAds?

PinAds is the best source for driving engagement and measuring influence on Pinterest. This solution is the only automated ad network for Pinterest. It also allows you to post pins, manage boards, automatically run campaigns and contests, and see what kind of engagement you’re getting on your content.

What is Dobango?

Dobango is a social media and engagement company based in Sunnyvale, California. We specialize in marketing solutions for social media sites, social gaming, and other customized solutions.

How do PinAds work?

PinAds connects Advertisers who want to publish consumer-sponsored ads on Pinterest to Influencers who want to get paid to publish them. When an Advertiser creates a new PinAd, we distribute the ad among several Influencers within a selected performance bracket (Influencer Index Rating) and they publish it to their Pinterest boards, depending on level of interest in the ad. In order to foster Pinterest’s motto of “a few (million) things you love,” we encourage Influencers to only publish PinAds which they and their followers have a genuine interest in. After the PinAd has been published, PinAds by Dobango tracks clicks and other engagements on the ad, helping you measure ROI and see progress with your brand’s online marketing program.

How do PinAds appear on Pinterest?

PinAds look just like normal pins, blending in with the rest of the content. It’s up to you to make your PinAd shine!

How much do you charge per PinAd?

Each Influencer Index Rating for PinAds has a different price per click based on demand. Our dynamic pricing engine will tell you the current price per Index Rating as you create your PinAd. Top rated Influencers begin at $1.00 per click, and the price drops from there.

What PinAds usually work best?

The best PinAds blend into regular Pinterest content, adding value and richness to the community. Vivid pictures that highlight the most aesthetic part of a product or service tend to do best. Going a step beyond that, create content that encourages your users to click on your PinAd to learn more about what you're promoting. Whether it be a recipe, DIY beauty tips, or gardening tools, be sure use your PinAd to add value to the viewers' lives. To learn more about size specifications and best practices, please watch our video on creating new PinAd.

Will I get in trouble with Pinterest for posting PinAds?

As long as you're posting PinAds that you are genuinely interested in and don't overdo it, no, you won't get in trouble with Pinterest.

How much money will I make?

Well, it all depends on how many PinAds you post. The more categories and boards you allow us to post PinAds on, the more PinAd approval requests you’ll receive, which will increase your chances of making more money. As for fee splitting and revenue, PinAds is proud to offer a traditional 40/60 split for Influencers. That means that after fees and other expenses, you earn 60% of the income from each PinAd you help us post, and we earn 40%. Stick with us in the long run and you’re guaranteed to make buckets of money off of your Pinterest presence!

How does publishing PinAds work?

PinAds allows Influencers to set up their profiles in a way that gives them full control over the PinAds they are sent. Influencers can decide what ad categories they want to allow, which boards they will allow PinAds to be published on, and even set limits for how many ads we send per day.

When a new PinAd is created that falls within your preferences, we send you an email to request for you to log in to review the PinAd. If you like the PinAd and would like to post it, follow the instructions in the details of the PinAd by posting the image, description, and link exactly as shown. When you are finished posting your PinAd, be sure to post the URL of that pin into the details and save it, so that we can track the engagement on the PinAd and credit you for clicks earned.

I received an email saying that I need to re-enter my Pinterest credentials. Why is this?

We send out this email in the event that our engine is unable to validate your Pinterest information. This is usually caused by either entering the wrong password, Pinterest login email, or username. Additionally, in the username entry field, please enter your username only, without the URL. We add the URL for you, so that you only have to input your Pinterest ID. For more information on setting up your Pinterest account with PinAds, watch our Account Setup guide.

I’m having problems getting paid. What’s going on?

Before you can get paid, you must do the following – earn $100 or more on your PinAds account, upload a W-9 or W-8BEN in the payment center, and enter your PayPal ID in the Payment Center. Once you upload your W-9 or W-8BEN, we will review it and either approve it or send it back to you for small fixes. When you request a payment, our support team reviews it and then sends your payment to the address you indicated in the PayPal ID field of the Payment Center. Because this is done manually, you may have to wait up to 72 hours to complete the process.

How do I create a new PinAd?

From the PinAds Dashboard, select the Create a New PinAd button, then follow the steps as prompted by the New PinAd wizard to publish your new ad. To learn more about new PinAds, check out our New PinAd guide.

My promotion is for a specific time period. Can I limit the timing on my PinAd?

Yes, you can limit the timing on a PinAd. Just select an End Date in Step 2 of the New PinAd wizard. However, please note that if your PinAd reaches its End Date before it reaches its goal, we cannot give you a refund.

Why does PinAds only offer CPC advertising?

At this time, it’s a little difficult to establish a stable method of measuring impressions on Pinterest. When you advertise with PinAds, you are getting free impressions too, but we can’t quite quantify how much. For that reason, we’re only offering pay-per-click pricing for now.

Can I choose the Influencers who post my PinAd?

While we cannot allow complete cherry-picking of Influencers for PinAds, you can choose what caliber of Influencers your PinAd will be distributed to. We have created the Influencer Index Rating, which brackets Influencers by number of followers and average engagement received on each PinAd.

My PinAd’s budget expired a lot more quickly than I thought it would. Why is this?

Based on the number of categories you select, your PinAd is getting sent out to dozens of influencers who have tens of thousands of followers. The result is that a lot of people see and click on your PinAd within a short period of time. If you’d like to expose your PinAd over a longer period of time, we suggest choosing fewer Pinterest categories for your PinAd, and/or scheduling your PinAd in multiple installments for the period you’d like to have it on Pinterest.

I want to use my website’s Google Analytics to see how PinAds is affecting my web traffic. How do I do this?

We’re working on custom tags for Google Analytics, but in the mean time, we suggest that you create a custom destination URL for your PinAds. For example, instead of simply linking your PinAd to www.myawesomebusiness.com, have your developers create a duplicate of this page with a custom tag at the end of the URL, such as www.myawesomebusiness.com/referID=7119. With this custom URL, you’ll be able to show customers the same content, but see who’s landing on that page and what their behavior is like as a result of your PinAd.

What is the Content Manager?

With our unique Content Manager, you can view your pins, edit them, and even upload or schedule new ones. You can also do the same with your boards, in addition to seeing basic stats like number of pins, comments, followers, and more. To access the Content Manager, just hit the Content tab in your main dashboard and select from the Pins or Boards subsections.

How do I create or edit a new pin?

In the Content Manager, click the New Pin button and fill out the information in the New Pin wizard. To edit an existing pin, hover your cursor over the pin and select “Edit” then edit the desired content.

How do I schedule a pin?

Use the New Pin wizard to create your pin, then select the “Schedule for later” option and choose your time and date.

How do I create or edit a board?

To create a new board, navigate to the Content Manager, click Boards, then click New Board and fill in the information for your new board. To edit an existing board, hover your cursor over the board, then click Edit.

About Contests

Want to run a scalable, fully automated campaign on Pinterest? You’re in the right place. Dobango’s solution provides for contests that will bring your consumer engagement level to new heights. These contests have also been shown to increase following, product trial and sales in the long run.

Contests are an excellent way to drive user engagement, increase your following, and spread your message across Pinterest. Giving consumers an incentive to participate with your brand does more than capture their attention - it helps create reliable buzz about your business that only word-of-mouth can give you. It is important that you provide as much content and information as possible to ensure the success of your Pinterest contest. To learn more about how to set up your contest, please watch our New Contest guide.

Where will my customers and audience be able to see my contest?

When you create a contest, PinAds automatically generates a contest landing page for your viewers to visit to enter your contest. The URL for that contest page is provided in the New Contest wizard.

Your brand’s Pinterest contest will live on Pinterest, of course, however there is also an external landing site that participants need to visit in order to enter the contest. This contest page serves as both the site of entry to the contest and also provides the opportunity for additional marketing and information about your campaign. When you preview the contest’s look and feel in the contest creation wizard, you’ll be able to see the destination URL of the page.

If you’d like to learn more about white labeling, hosting on your brand’s site, and additional customization options, please email us.

Once on the contest landing page, how will my audience enter in my contest?

On your contest landing page, there is a green Enter the Contest button. Users can hit this button to pull up the entry form, where they can enter their photo in your Pinterest contest.

How do I create a new contest?

To get started, visit the Contest tab of your dashboard. In the Manage Contest subpage, click Add a Contest to open the wizard.

About Prizes

You can select daily prizes, weekly prizes, a grand prize, or all three for your contest. Note that if you choose both, no daily prize is awarded on the final day of your contest. Only a weekly prize is awarded on the end of the week for your contest, and only a grand prize is awarded on the final day of the contest. In general, we recommend that your daily prizes are a smaller value just to get a “bite” from contest participants, whereas grand prizes are generally much bigger and more alluring. You as the contest sponsor are responsible for sending contest prizes to your winners. Apart from sending your automated emails, Dobango accepts no liability or responsibility for communicating with your contest participants and winners.

Winner Criteria - Sweepstakes vs. Voting

Select between two different contest types – sweepstakes or competitive voting. If you select sweepstakes for your prizes, a random winner will be selected for the prize. No random winner will be selected twice, however a random winner of a daily or weekly prize can be selected for a grand prize. The same rules apply for voting criteria, except winners will be chosen based on which entry gains the most “likes” on their entry on Pinterest. Competitive voting tends to foster sharing via social media and virality more than sweepstakes do.

Someone entered something inappropriate in my contest. How do I remove it?

In the Contests Manager, click Contest Engagement. Here you can disqualify users who have entered in appropriate content. Please note that this cannot be undone!

I want to create a contest using different format, such as a repin to win, brand-inspired board, or a custom landing page. Can Dobango do this?

Yes, we do have capabilities surrounding additional Pinterest contest formats. We’d love to hear your idea and work with you to make your contest idea a reality. Please contact us to learn more about options for custom contests.

About Automated Emails

Users in your contest will receive an email for each time they enter the contest, win a daily prize, a weekly prize and a grand prize. Be sure to write informative, useful email content for each. If you are planning to ship prizes to your winners, be sure to ask in the winner emails that they email you with their mailing address so they can get their prize. All winner emails are copied to the brand manager’s email provided in the email setup page.

Why do I need to write contest terms of service?

Be sure to write out terms of service to cover your behind in case of a dispute arising from your contest. Your terms can cover everything from the contest period to how long you have to send people prizes after the contest closes. If you don’t have a lawyer to help you prepare your contest terms of service, you can use one of our standard terms of service documents as a guide to writing your own.

About the Contest Banner Image

The banner image is the first thing people see when they visit your contest landing site, so be sure to make it both attention-grabbing and informative! Design one of your own and upload it in the contest details section of the contest creation part of the site. The banner image will also be used as a header in your contest emails.

What’s the Contest Description?

The contest description lives at the top of your contest landing page. It gives your contest participants some background on what the contest is all about and how they can participate. Be sure to include any specific rules or calls to action that you want participants to be aware of.

About the Entry Form and Virality

The entry form is a simple form that contest participants use to join in the contest. It asks for the user’s name, Pinterest ID (optional), email address, contest entry description, and file upload (3 MB max). Additionally, users must check a box to agree to your terms of service before they submit their entry.

Pinterest contests powered by Dobango have a way of naturally spreading across Pinterest and other social media platforms. After a contest participant hits the “submit” button, a window appears that asks the user to follow your brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. There is also the option for the user to share the contest on their own Facebook or Twitter in order to gain more votes from their friends. This creates a naturally viral aspect of the contest, spreading the word about your brand across social media.

What’s the live entry feed?

This is a feed on your contest landing page that automatically shows who’s entering your contest and when.

What’s the leaderboard?

This is an automatic feed on your contest landing page that shows contest standings by displaying who’s entries are in first through eighth places based on the number of likes they have received thus far.

Daily Winners and Prizes display

The daily and grand prize winner table is yet another automatic function of the contest landing site. This table shows your contest prizes by day in addition to who’s winning them.

Submissions Section

This section of the contest landing page is a simple gallery of entries. Each thumbnail links to the appropriate pin on Pinterest.

About Analytics and Monitoring

The analytics portion of our suite reports insights and also allows you to compare variables that are meaningful to your Pinterest influence. In the Raw Data section, you can view numbers of likes, comments, repins, followers, and more. In the Insights section, you can compare numbers and variables from the Raw Data section.

Can I save data from my Analytics?

Yes! To save your engagement data and analytics, simply hit the Export button to download a .CSV of your data.

How do I measure ROI with PinAds?

There are a couple of ways you can measure return on investment with PinAds. Using the Analytics tools, you can track different types of engagement based on what is important to you. Using these numbers, you can calculate your return on investment for each engagement point. You can also measure more directly on a per-PinAd basis on the Performance page of the PinAds section of the site.